Friday, June 22, 2012

デンマークのデザイン&スペインのアニメ When Danish Design meets Spanish animation

(English follows Japanese)


HOSHIIKAMO TIMESを良く話している「ファーム・リビング」(FERM LIVING)というデンマークのブランドは今回スペインのアニメで見えました!
Copito de Nieve, el gorila blanco」(コピート・デ・ニエベ、白いゴリラ)というスペインのアニメを発見して、びっくりしました。「ファーム・リビング」の「ドッティー」ウォールペパーを出しました!(下記の写真)

Good afternoon,
July is getting closer and as all parents around the world know, kids are getting exciting about the summer vacation! So today let’s make them all happy with fantastic news! After checking online, I found a very special Spanish animation movie “Copito de Nieve, el gorilla blanco” which introduces in the movie our partner Ferm Living’s wall paper! I should say how I was surprised. But actually, It seems really normal that directors want to use the very cute pattern designed by ferm Livign and its designer Trine Andersen. Who would not like the very cute “Dotty” design seen in this animation movie? The same pattern is offered by ferm living in different form including for their beautiful kids collection.
To find out more, click here.

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