Friday, June 29, 2012

北海道の買い物:北欧雑貨 Shopping in Hokkaido: Scandinavian design and Interior store

(English follows Japanese)



Mini puu」(ミニプー)という店の名前です。レーションにより実現した北欧ブランドを中心としたセレクトショップです。
Mini puu(ミニプー)は人気の北欧ブランドを厳選し、お買得商品(20%~70%オフ)で販売しています!
Mini puu(ミニプー)は詳しくこちら


Good afternoon
Today, I have very special news with the opening of the store “Mini Puu”!
Thanks to the collaboration between Novotex Japan and P.O.S. Co., Ltd., This new store opened in the Chisote Outlet mall located in the Northern island of Japan, Hokkaido. With this new store, we aimed at offering to everyone in Hokkaido the best of Scandinavian products at a very special price: up to 70% discount! For the satisfaction of everybody from children to adults, the range of items is very large: interior, design, watch and clocks, Moomin character goods, fashion with organic cotton... You will find many well-known Nordic designer and brand’s products in “Mini Puu”!
To find out more please visit the website by clicking here.
You can also see some photos above about the store before the grand opening today.
We have already received a feedback which was extremely positive! If you live Hokkaido or just go there for trip, I would recommend you to put in your schedule and itinerary Chitose Outlet Mall!

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