Friday, June 1, 2012

腕時計:ローガン・マーシャルグリーンから韓国のセレブまでファッションスタイル Watches: fashion style from Logan Marshall-Green to Korean stars!

(English follows Japanese)



次は、日本より近く韓国です!JYJ(ジェイワイジェイ)や東方神起、2AMのチョ・グォンなど、韓国のセレブの共通点を分かりますか?腕時計 ダニッシュ・デザインです!


Good afternoon
Today I will report news from overseas where the watch brands offered on our webstore Hosiikamo are becoming more and more popular, even among famous people.
At first in the USA with the stylish actor Logan Marshall-Green, who can be found in the magazine Elle of this month wearing the Cyclops watch from our partner Mr Jones!
(Picture above)
Mister Jones collection:
Next step, closer to us with South Korea! You might be familiar or even a fan of Korean pop culture, but do you know the common point between celebrities such as JYJ? They have been seen with a Danish design watch! Our Danish partner has been particularly popular in South Korea and if you check their Korean homepage, you will find out how popular they have been among Korean stars! (example above)
The Danish design is also sold in Japan including on our webstore Hosiikamo. Take a look!
Danish design Collection:
We have also a special campaign with a special selection of Danish design watches at a very special price! Only 10000 yens!

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