Friday, November 15, 2019

HYGGE watches at Metsa Village

北欧雑貨 メッツァビレッジ で「ヒュッゲ」腕時計のクリスマス・キャンペーン! 1 - 腕時計を購入するともれなくプレゼント秩父銘仙ウォッチポケット
2 -腕時計をペアで購入すると10%OFF

Exceptional sales event for our watch brand HYGGE at Metsa Village-Moomin Valley Park in Hanno.

More information can be found also on the HYGGE official site with shop available:

Thursday, November 7, 2019

Christmas season at Metsa

The Christmas season is officially launched in our flagship store at Hannou Metsa! The visitors will find all they could dream about: "kawaii" decoration, delicious chocolate and a lot of toys
Hokuou Zakka at Metsa, official website:

HYGGE watches at Metsa Village

北欧雑貨 メッツァビレッジ 店 で「 ヒュッゲ」腕時計のクリスマス・キャンペーン! 1 - 腕時計を購入するともれなくプレゼント “ 秩父銘仙ウォッチポケット ” を 2 - 腕時計をペアで購入すると 10%OFF Exceptional sales ...