Friday, June 15, 2012

ムーミンの家(2012インテリアライフスタイル展示会) Moomin House at the 2012 Interior Lifestyle Fair.

(English follows Japanese)

先週のインテリアライフスタイル展示会でとても人気が有るブースがありました。タトル・モリ エイジェンシー株式会社の営業部キャラクターライセンス部門でした。ムーミン・キャラクターはもちろんとても人気ですが、ブースはムーミンの家似ていたから、可愛かった。
ムーミン・グッズ (Moomin Collection)

Good afternoon
Last week, during the Tokyo Interior lifestyle Fair, one booth was very popular with all the visitors. It was the booth of Tuttle-Mori Agency, Inc., Moomin Character Licensing company. Moomin characters are famous, however the reason of their success and popularity was definitively the cuteness of their booth, which looks like the Moomin house. I think many of the Hoshiikamo Times readers like the Moomins and that’s why today I will guide you through the booth with the pictures below.
Welcome to the Moomin House! (booth entrance)
Cute and very elegant living room!
To talk or relax, there was also a living room with such a cute decoration
Kids are not forgotten,special chairs for them!
Next to the reception, there was the bedroom
Until the back of the booth the decoration was splendid!!!
And do not forget our booth, as exclusive partner, we also had our Moomin space with many many moomin goods!!!

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