Monday, January 30, 2012

ヤコブ・イェンセン:デンマークの腕時計(男性&女性)- Jacob Jensen: Danish Watches for gents & ladies

(English follows Japanese)



ヤコブ・イェンセンのホームページで見つけることが出来ますけど、HOSHIIKAMO TIMESでも見せたいと思いました。是非下記の写真を見て、ほしいかもウェブショップでコレクションご覧ください!
ヤコブ・イェンセンは世界中に北欧デザインの代表ブランドですが、シンプルとスタイリッシュ 腕時計ですから、とても人気です!

Jacob Jensen collection(ヤコブ・イェンセンのコレクション)
Watch collection(腕時計のコレクション)

φ37 mmのクロノグラフ
Good evening
It has been a while but today I would like to talk about our close partner Jacob Jensen which offers us every time splendid pictures. Today, it deals with their beautiful Chronograph series and the JJ605 watch and I would like to share with you a couple of new pictures of this nice watch on Hoshiikamo Times.
Jacob Jensen is the most representative brand of Scandinavian design around the world: minimalist and stylish, it has been also very popular for many years! This year fashion and accessories trends will be defined as unique and stylish design and that’s why I would like to recommend the Jacob Jensen watches as the perfect gift! Maybe for the coming Valetine’s Day…
To find out more about Jacob Jensen and our rich design watch collection, please visit our webstore Hosiikamo Webstore.
Jacob Jensen collection
Watch collection

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