Monday, January 16, 2012

デンマークのアトリエ:アーキテクトメイドの木のオブジェ – Danish atelier: Architect Made’s wood objects.

(English follows Japanese)


品質を分かる為に、アーキテクトメイドのアトリエに行きましょうか?今日HOSHIIKAMO TIMESのおかげで、出来ます!下記の写真はバードの生産工程です!楽しんで見てください!とても面白いですが、見たら、デンマークのアトリエにいるのを感じます。


Good Evening,
Today I would like to travel with you to Denmark, in the atelier of our lovely partner ArchitectMade: a great brand offering beautiful objects in wood and still made in Denmark by skilled professional! The Bird, the duck or the new Oscar, when you have their products in hand, you quickly understand the product is not only design, but also a high-quality object will last for years at home.
But to understand, what about could better than a trip to their atelier? It is what I am offering you today with the pictures below. Look and enjoy them, but do not forget to check also the Architect collection we are importing directly from Denmark and sold at Hosiikamo webstore!

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