Tuesday, November 30, 2010

北欧のインテリアデザインと日本のコーディネーター - Scandinavian Interior design and Japanese coordinator


今日はスペシアル ゲストのインタビューです!

1- 自己紹介して頂けますか?
最近は、歳時記、日本の生活文化を研究し、和と洋の融合、精神性の高いデザインをテーマにライフスタイル提案に取り組んでいます。花のある暮らし、生活空間をアートすることをコンセプトに「花生活空間」を主宰好きなデザインイメージは、シンプルモダン 心地良い空間で、食べたり飲んだりすることも好きです。

2- なぜ北欧のインテリアデザインはユニーク?

3- 家で、北欧の雑貨を持っていますか?

4- Georg Jensen Damaskについて、どんな印象が有りますか?
Georg Jensen Damaskは、高品質なので、良い。クロスの数だけで、150枚ぐらいもっているが、Georg Jensen Damaskのテーブルクロスを使う頻度は高い。テーブルコーディネートにおいてテーブルクロスの役割は、きわめて重要です。


Good morning

Today a special guest!
After reading a magazine I was really interested in Ms. Hama, a famous and talented flower and interior designer.
Thanks to my colleague, I had the chance to interview her.

1 - Ms. Hama Could you introduce yourself?
I am a flower and interior coordinator.
I started with flower, interior and table coordination and now I deal in several fields such as space coordination (ryokan, hotel, restaurant…), parties and events organization or advertisement. After studying Japanese traditional culture and lifestyle, I advise for lifestyle and harmonize themes with a spiritual design and a Japanese and Western fusion.
At last, I run “Hana seikatsu kukan” with a concept artistic for the notion of space in our lifestyle thanks to the flower arrangement.
The design I like is simple and modern. I like enjoying eating and drinking in an atmosphere with good feelings.
2 - What makes Scandinavian design unique?
Scandinavian interior design is artistic and also functional. I like it for itscozy feelings.
3 – Do you have Scandinavian goods at home?
Not particularly, but the space coordination and arrangement have a real Scandinavian influence.
4 – What is your impression about Georg Jensen Damask?
GJD is a good and high quality brand. I have about 150 GJD table clothes which I often use. As table coordinator, the table cloth is extremely important.
5 – As conclusion, any advice for Christmas?
I enjoy the Christmas season: decorate the Christmas tree, look for gifts and cards, watch illuminations and spend time with people you love.
This is a beautiful season: great time and lifestyle.

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