Monday, December 19, 2011

腕時計のおススメ:ミスタージョーンズウォッチ – Mr Jones watches: unique and cool British watches

(English follows Japanese)

MR JONES Watches Collection (ミスタージョーンズウォッチのコレクション)
CYCLOPSが個人的に好きですけど、是非全てのコレクションを見てください!ニヤリと微笑む頭蓋骨が描かれており、上の歯が時間を、下の歯が分を表するThe Last Laughから、文字盤には人々が日々平均的にすることが書かれているので、あなたがその時間帯に(一般的には)何をするべきかがわかるThe Average Dayまで、本当に各モデルはとてもユニークなデザインと腕時計です!

MR JONES Watches Collection (ミスタージョーンズウォッチのコレクション)

Good evening
Today I would like to introduce a new brand sold on Hosiikamo webstore!
Last week we launched a new watch collection, names Mr Jones watches from England. This collection with its variety offers satisfaction all watch fans who are looking for a unique watch and a design with originality! Each model has a very unique design expecially coming from his time display which could be also seen like a game. Fun, cool, design, elegant: this is all London style!
MR JONES Watches Collection
Of course, everybody will have its own favourite model. For me, it is Cyclops with its colorful dial and index. Looking at it everyday makes very cheerful and happy for all the day! For a skull displaying the time from its tooth to a display of the daily routine it is really fun to discover each original model but also to have it on your wrist to make yourself unique!
This is the perfect gift for Christmas! So check our webstore to find out more about Mr Jones Watches!
MR JONES Watches Collection

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