Thursday, December 15, 2011

欧州風おしゃれなデイナーを準備しましょうか? - Let’s prepare an elegant European Dinner

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ポスト:Scandinavian Christmas Party 2011 in Tokyo

Georg Jensen Damask Collection (ジョージ・ジェンセン・ダマスクのコレクション)

  Jette Nevers Table Clothes White
  Christmas Tradition Table Clothes Red
H.C. Andersen Table Clothes
Good evening
Christmas and the New Year are getting closer and closer and it is time to think how to prepare a beautiful dinner for all our guests!
What about a traditional, elegant and delicious European style dinner at home? As a French person working for company related to Scandinavian lifestyle, I was thinking today to give some ideas.
At first, you need to think about the menu, last week I had the chance to participate to a Scandinavian party in a very elegant soirée! I would like to share the menu and I am pretty sure you will have some nice ideas after looking at the menu above!
Post:Scandinavian Christmas Party 2011 in Tokyo
For the table setting, we have the chance to have one of the best Scandinavian fabric companies as partner: Georg Jensen Damask. With a very long history and official purveyor of her Majesty the Queen of Denmark, they will definitively offer you what you are looking for.Quality, color, design sense, all is gathered by Georg Jensen Damask to make sure you spend a very nice dinner in a beautiful atmosphere!Above, it is my personal selection, but take a look of all the collection on Hosiikamo Webstore!
Georg Jensen Damask Collection

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