Friday, March 13, 2015

好きな北欧料理 Favorite Scandinavian food

(セバスティアンから - From Sébastien)


最近、「JAPAN TIMES」新聞で北欧料理の店について記事を読みました。
とても面白かった。英語でもぜひ見てください!こちらですもちろん、吉祥寺にある「Allt Gott」店も紹介しています。私も行ってみましたが、シンプルで北欧料理を食べられるのでお勧めします。


Recently, there was a very interesting article in the Japan Times introducing Scandinavian food and restaurants in Tokyo. Among them the well-know “Allt Gott”, where I have the chance to go. I am not really original with Scandinavia cuisine, my favourite meals remain a fresh fish as Turbot and Deer meatballs. Both are delicious and easy to prepare at home as well for a nice party. My colleague Mahoko also enjoys meat balls and have shared with us this above photo. Delicious!
Tomorrow in Japan we will celebrate the white day, where traditionally men give something to the women around him. Why not begin original and going a Nordic dinner!
I would also to inform you about our latest brand on Hosiikamo store, Erik bagger offering at a very reasonable price stylish tableware.
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