Friday, October 26, 2018

フィンランドからこんにちわ!/Hello, from Finland



Hello from Finland,

After an amazing summer we are having a warm and beautiful autumn, too, here in Finland. All-time heat records were broken this summer and the summer was long, 


The ruska time is at it’s the best right now here in Central Finland. In the picture, we are wearing yellow reflector vests also in daytime because the moose hunting season started.

My company exhibited at a wholesale fair in Rovaniemi, Lapland last weekend and on Sunday night when I was driving back home a most beautiful aurora borealis, also known as the northern lights, could be seen in the sky. It was big and constantly changing shape. The following day I could read from the media that it had been seen all round the country. The social media and all news sites were full of gorgeous pictures of northern lights.

Have a nice autum, wear wooledn socks and keep you warm. By the way, to my surprise, only a few days ago I learned that you have a clever Japanese invention,
Kotatsu, to keep you warm. by Heidi 



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