Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Puulelutからメッセージを頂きました! /Hyvää päivä! Autumn season´s greetings from Puulelut

~フィンランドのIsoisan Puulelutハイディさんから、

"RUSKA"が何かって? フィンランド語で、自然の景色が、赤、緑、黄色に変化していくことをいうんです。(日本語でいう、"紅葉"と同じニュアンスですかね!)


フィンランド中心地の気温は、8°C。 夜は3-4°C まで下がります。今週は、雨が降っていて、風も吹いていて、天気が良くないです。まだ初霜は見えませんね。全ての葉が地面に落ちたら見えますかね。


With autumn season´s greetings,
Isoisän Puulelutのハイディより

フィンランド語で「おじいちゃんの木のおもちゃ」を意味する「Isoisän Puulelut」20年以上、天然の北欧木を使用した温かみのある商品はこちらから

Hello all the friends in Japan!

Here in Finland it is RUSKA now. This word means the time in autumn when the whole nature turns into red, green and yellow. These pictures are taken from our house windows and terrace. You can see my small warehouse there, too.
The garden is getting ready for winter but we still have the summer flowers on the terrace, the are still looking quite good. The temperature here in Central Finland is around 8°C in the daytime and 3-4°C at night and the week looks very grey, rainy and windy. The autumn has really come but we have not had the first frosts yet, after which all the leaves from the trees and bushes fall on the ground.
If you would like to see Ruska at it´s most beautiful, you should travel to Lapland, the Northern part of Finland, in September. In Lapland it is ruska also on the ground. All the ground plants, trees and bushes are from bright gold to deep burgundy in colour. Ruska trip to Lapland is so nice because there are no mosquitoes any more like in summer and the weather is not as cold as in winter. And no huge masses of tourists there yet. I recommend a hiking trip to the mounts. You can take the night train from Helsinki to Lapland or fly.

With autumn season´s greetings,
Heidi from Isoisän Puulelut

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