Tuesday, April 23, 2013

ラスト・シンデレラ X オリバー・ヘミング 掛け時計 Drama “Last Cinderella” & Oliver hemming Clock

(English follows Japanese)

フジテレビの木曜ドラマ「ラスト・シンデレラ」。鏡の前にいる遠山 桜の面白いシーンの時に、クールなデザインのオリバー・ヘミング 掛け時計が見えます!(下記の写真)
ほしいかもウェブショップでオリバー・ヘミング 掛け時計のコレクションはこちら。(販売中)

P.O.S. seems to be the official supplier of all the new 2013 Japanese dramas. Today, I would like also to introduce a new drama, “Last Cinderella” where one of our interior design products can be seen. This time, the product featured is an elegant and cool wall clock designed by Oliver Hemming.
The clock can be seen during the funny scene when Sakura Tohyama is in front of the mirror at her home. Photo is above and if you wish to learn more about “Last Cinderella”, please visit the official page here!

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