Wednesday, July 12, 2017

デンマーク・デザイン展 横須賀美術館 Denmark Design exhibition in Yokosuka art museum

(English follows after Japanese)






*追記 美術館の屋上をお散歩していたら紫陽花畑を発見。

Last time, we have visited the exhibition “DENMARK DESIGN” in Yokosuka Museum of art, located in Kanagawa . 

Firstly what we have inspired is, we could see ocean, through the museum….!
It was AMAZING! As for the exhibition, you can learn, see and feel what Maestros had done in their lives. Moreover, there were a booth, we could sit on the chairs, such as the Chair (1950), Papa Bear Chair(1951), Minimal Chair(1965), Peacock (1965) by Hans J.Wegner......I never forget the comfortable feeling when I have sat on these special chairs.These are excellently fit with a body and can gave enough ventilation between the chair and the back somehow. So, I would like to recommend to you to sit on these special chairs as well and I bet you cannot stand up…! Of course, you can find the Hosiilkamo items as well.

Please try and visit this exhibition because it is very good place! The exhibition will held in Shinjuku Nov.23th-Dec.27th (10AM-6PM) Here is more detail of it.

Wish you a lovely day!

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