Monday, December 12, 2016

日本橋高島屋催事 - Wendt & Kühn Pop up event

現在、日本橋高島屋にてWendt & Kühnの特別催事が開催されています。
Special event is held now at Nihombashi Takashimaya with Wendt & Kühn collection.

Wendt & Kühn - 伝統と技術の出会い - 
期間 / Period : 2016年12月7日(水)~13日(火)

会場 / Place : 日本橋高島屋7階 特選洋食器売り場 / 7th floor, in front of Royal Copenhagen


The building was built in 1933 and is selected as one of the Important Cultural Properties.
Inside the building the decoration is all about Christmas now, with a big Christmas tree and a real Merry-Go-Round, with moving white reindeer.


The pop-up place is on the 7th floor, near the up-escalator.
The main display is the Angel Orchestra, together with Marguerite Angels and music boxes etc.

Angel Orchestra look more spectacular in a group on a Angel Mountain.


On the other side, Blossom Kinders and Knitting collection are displayed.

会期は明日までですが、歴史ある百貨店とこのようにコラボレーションできるのはとても誇らしく、またドイツで100年以上の歴史を持つWendt Kühnのブランドイメージにも一致します。

Wednt & Kühnのフルコレクションはこちらから!

It is an great honor to be able to have this special event at one of the oldest and most greatest department stores in Japan.
As Wendt & Kühn has also 100 years of history, this collaboration between Nibombashi Takashimaya and Wendt &Kühn means something very special for us.

Please see our full Wendt & Kühn collection at Hosiikamo!

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