Monday, February 13, 2017

ハッピーバレンタイン! Happy Valentine's day!




一方、北欧フィンランドでは、バレンタインデーはYstävän päivä(ユスタヴァン パイヴァー)と呼ばれ、直訳すると「お友達の日」なんです!




Tomorrow is a Valentine's day.
It is, in many countries including Japan, considered as a romantic day, when you tell/send love to whom you care about.

In Japan, mainly women give chocolate to men, while in Western countries it is men who give something (cards, flowers) to women.
Main concept however is about romantic relationship.

In Finland, on the other hand, Valentine's day is called "ystävän päivää" which literally means "friend's day". 
On this day Finns tell/send love to anyone close to you, including friends, family, colleague and of course your romantic partner.
Something similar with 友チョコ what we have in Japan.

It is interesting that the root is the same but the culture differs by country.
But anywhere in the world, sending love to someone you care, and you love is the common idea of this day.

Not only on Valentine's day but anytime any day, please send love and tell them that you care to people around you.
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Happy Valentine's day! 
and Hyvää ystävän päivää!!! (happy friends' day!)

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