Tuesday, April 3, 2012

イースター - Easter

(English follows Japanese)


Good afternoon,
On the 8th of this month, in Christian countries and especially in Europe, we celebrate Easter! Even if it is an important Christian celebration, today it is especially a very popular day for the children (including me) who enjoy eating chocolate or Egg hunting!
In Scandinavia also Kids have a lot of fun during Easter! With the spring starting and all the colorful painted eggs, from the young children to the adults, everybody is enjoying the long week of Easter. People also enjoy a family meal. One of the most interesting things is from Denmark with a unique tradition: people send anonymously a teaser letter. If the recipient finds the sender, he/she will receive an egg on the Easter day as reward.
Happy Easter!
Item above:
- Made with a hen and eggs, this Flensted mobile is perfect for an Easter atmosphere!
- The Easter collection by Georg Jensen Damask was launched in 1979. With its stylized chicks and eggs pattern, this classic table series is perfect for an elegant Easter lunch in family!

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