Monday, March 5, 2012

北欧のスウォッチ:タイム・スタジオ・ストックホルム - Scandinavian Swatch: Time Studio Stockholm

(English follows Japanese)

■ タイム・スタジオ・ストックホルムコレクション(Time Studio Stockholm

Good evening
If you have studied about the watch industry, you definitively read about Swatch and its success story: the Swiss brand which saved the Swiss made. The Swatch collection could be described as reasonable price, cute and colorful design and quality. Among our products, there is one brand which reminds me Swatch with the same philosophy: offering a casual watch at a reasonable price but with an original and nice design and quality. This is brand is Time Studio Stockholm designed by Wolfgang Wehner.
This Swedish brand does not have the wide range of design as Swatch of course, but it has been selected by many Museum shops overseas due to its original design. Strongly recognized by design professional, I would strongly recommend you to take a look of the Time Studio collection on Hosiikamo Webstore.
 Time Studio Stockholm

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